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“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”- Dane Rudhyar

I love astrology for the same reason I love yoga – it helps me remember who I truly am.

I see astrology as a tool for knowing yourself better, for understanding your deepest needs and desires. and, with radical self acceptance, owning up to your challenges, strengthening your will and learning how to live your life in service to your soul.

I offer a variety of services all designed to help you know and love yourself more by looking at your chart through the lens of your soul.

You will leave with practical information you can begin to incorporate immediately.

Call it your Soul Care Plan.

Astrology For Soul Care

You came here on purpose with your own unique map for navigating this human incarnation. That map is your birth (natal) chart. Your birth chart reflects the alignment of the planets
at the moment you took your first breath.

 Understanding your birth chart gives you direction and is a guide for knowing the depths of your personality, your unique purpose, and ultimately how to care for yourself and your soul.

 Astrology is incredibly vast and can easily become overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. I offer focused, powerful and practical readings to help you integrate what you learn
right away.

Sessions are conducted over zoom. A recording of the session will be emailed to you along with a print out of your chart. You can also choose the chart art add on (highly encouraged).
Details below.

Astrology For Soul Care

Astrological Services

Natal Chart Consultation

This 75 minute session is perfect for new or beginning clients. This session is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of your personal soul map. Gain new insight into your personality dynamics, your strengths and challenges, and your soul intention for this lifetime. Ask questions and focus on what your heart desires to know.

75 minutes


Astro Yoga Session

An Astro Yoga session is a unique way to personalize your yoga practice and learn about your birth chart. Together we will look at your birth chart and design a yoga practice to work with the major planetary or energetic influences in your life.

75 minutes


Mini Sessions

Want to take a deep dive into one aspect of your nature?

Do you need a little boost of energy?

Want to improve your mood? Your happiness?

Mini sessions are a great way to focus in and create a clear and direct sense of purpose and well-being.

Boost Your Vitality: Sun Sign Support

Feed your sun and you will feel vibrant and alive. The Sun represents many things in astrology including your vital energy, what the yogis call prana, or your life force. It is your core energy, the center of your identity, and the thing that everything else revolves around. It’s a key factor when addressing questions of health and wellness in the chart. Understanding your sun is a great first place to begin if you are feeling like you need an energetic boost.

45 minutes


Self Care: Nurture Your Moon

The moon allows the light of the sun to shine through your chart. Nurture your moon and you will reflect your inner radiance. The moon represents your inner world, emotions, desires, and needs. Your emotional needs and responses, how you want to be nurtured and how you nurture other people, are shown by the Moon’s condition in your birth chart. The Moon rules domestic habits: how you relax, and what you need to feel at home. Understanding your Moon sign, and giving it what it wants and needs, is key to your self-care journey.

45 minutes


Soul Support: Karma And Destiny With Nodes Of The Moon

The lunar nodes are mathematical points in the chart that fall in opposite signs of the zodiac. Answers to your life purpose are encoded in the north and south nodes of the moon. The nodes address questions such as “why am I here”. “what are my innate gifts”, “what do i need to learn in this life”, and “how can I achieve integration and balance.” Working on the life lessons inherent in your nodal axis can bring you greater fulfillment. purpose and meaning. If you are feeling stuck, want to stretch out of your comfort zone, or you are looking for more direction this is a great place to start!

45 minutes


Add Ons:

Chart Art

Always Remember the truly unique soul that you are with a personalized drawing of your birth chart highlighting your Sun, moon, rising sign, and elemental distribution. This is a beautiful and unique gift for yourself or someone you love.