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I'm Meaghan

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with busy people like you, helping them to calm down, find balance, and recharge with yoga and mindfulness practices so they can sleep better, regain their vitality, and live with more ease.

My mission?

To empower you to incorporate meaningful self-care rituals into your everyday life that help you to slow down, look within, and feel a true connection with yourself. 

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Are you ready to develop a personal yoga practice that easily fits into and enhances your everyday life? Join the Yoga For Life Immersion and begin your yoga and meditation journey.

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Join me live, every Sunday at 9:30am EST, for a nourishing and grounding yoga class. All levels of experience are welcome!


Astrology Consultations

Your birth chart (where the planets were when you were born) is a portal into your soul. Understanding your chart is a way to know yourself better, to love all parts of who you are, and give meaning and purpose to your life

You are already perfect, whole, and complete just as you are.

Whatever you are looking for, you already are…

Even when the world tells you that you can extract happiness and peace from the outside. Joy or sorrow, despair or ecstasy, pleasure or pain only happen inside of you. The key is to turn your gaze inward toward the source with the destination being increased understanding and radical acceptance of who you really are. The practices of yoga and the insight of astrology will support your ability to listen to your intuition, pursue your dreams and create your ideal reality. The aim is not to make you different, better, or more than what you already are. The aim is to turn the inner lights on so that you can see clearly what is already there.

I believe…

I believe you are already perfect, whole, and complete just as you are AND you already have everything you need to support your healing and growth. I am here to serve as a friend and a guide, to hold up a mirror, and offer you tools to help you see who you already are. There is a part of you that already knows. Call it your inner voice, your higher self, or your soul. I see it as my sacred duty to help you recognize that inner voice and let it guide you to a place of greater freedom, peace, and joy.

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